SĮ "Susisiekimo Paslaugos"

SĮ "Susisiekimo Paslaugos"

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Parking fines

Dear Driver, if you got a parking notification, please be kind and read the actual information:


Notification                                             Reg. No A......

Date and time


Vehicle state registration number


Dear Driver, you have parked your vehicle in a fee-paying parking space without immediately paying the established local charge (or the parking time for which you paid has expired), therefore, you may pay for parking your vehicle, irrespective of its parking time on that day and in that place, by 72 hours after parking day end (e.g. the notification is drawn up on 01-01-2017 at 14 o’clock so you must pay by 04-01-2017, 24 o’clock) using electronic commerce services www.parking.lt by local electronic banking, in cash at Customer service centre, addresse Gedimino av. 9A and Geležinkelio st. 16, Vilnius, in cash at PERLAS terminals or Maxima (addresses of the terminals are available at www.parking.lt/terminalai):


In the Blue zone - EUR 40                          In the Red zone - EUR 20

In the Yellow zone - EUR 7                         In the Green zone - EUR 4

(the local charge which you must to pay is marked on your notification)


 Please note that non-payment of the local charge constitutes a violation of the Procedure for Payment of the Local Charge Established in the Regulations of the Local Charge for Using Vehicle Parking Spaces Established by Municipal Councils (Article 418 of the Administrative Offenses Code of the Republic of Lithuania). Cases of violations of administrative offenses are examined by officials authorised by the municipal administration of the Vilnius City, address Konstitucijos pr. 3, Vilnius. The information on the imposed fine and the payment conditions is sent to the owner (possessor) of the vehicle by registered mail at the address of his/her declared place of residence. The violation is subject to a fine in the amount from EUR 20 to EUR 40.


Customer service centre, addresse Gedimino av. 9A, Vilnius, working hour: monday-friday 7:00-20:00, saturday 9:30-18:00



How to pay through PERLAS or Maxima terminal:


Provide terminal operator your notification with BARcode on it.

Ask the operator to type in registration number of the notification (ex., A000000).

Pay the sum which is displayed or sounded by the operator (cash only).

Please check if the payment acceptance receipt information is correct.


 PERLAS terminals: